Hello, I'm Namanyay Goel

, a freelance designer & front end developer.

I design and develop engaging, functional, elegant, and simple user interfaces.

I also work at MakeUseOf as their UI designer/front end developer.

Check out my work, my process, and hire me!

My Work

MakeUseOf Screenshot


Web design & front-end development

I was hired by MakeUseOf on January 2013. Over the course of months, I worked with the team, especially the founder Aibek Esengulov and head developer James Bruce, to create a consistent and beautiful design to be used on MakeUseOf.

I was incharge of the design and front-end development, back-end being done by James Bruce. I was tasked to create a uniform identity to best present MakeUseOf to it's varying readers.

MakeUseOf TV Screenshot

MakeUseOf TV

Web design & front-end development

MakeUseOf TV, or the Techophilia Technology podcast, is a podcast run by the team at MakeUseOf. In creating this site, I worked primarily with James Bruce and Jackson Chung, creating a neat, easy to use, and easy to share site based on flat design principles. The design had to be consistent with the main site, while at the same time, being new and different enough.

Oh, The Things You Can Buy Screenshot

Oh, The Things You Can Buy

Branding, web design & development
Matthew Schmoldt

Namanyay has a great knack for color pallettes and uses a simple minimilistic design style. If you are in need of a responsive, talented, and kind designer, I highly recommend Namanyay.

Oh, the things you can buy, or OTTYCB, is a site that lists cool, fun, and amazing things to buy online. The site is monetized using an affiliate model.

I built the site on WordPress , extensively using Custom Post Types and Custom Fields, to make posting as easy as possible for Matthew.

The site is fully responsive and aims to deliver a perfect experience to both mobile and desktop users.

Apart from design and development, I also created branding.

Beta+ Screenshot


Branding, web design & development
Jonathan Litten

He promptly made mockups and heeded my input. I now have a finished website and a complete set of graphic design material for social media. I couldn't be more pleased with Namanyay, and I couldn't recommend him more highly. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Beta+ is a simple, static site for a EP artist, Jonathan Litten.

The site is built using plain HTML/CSS. Focus was on large type and sparks of color, in accordance with the client's preference. The site is fully responsive.

I was in charge of designing the branding as well, which included the logo in different variations and working on the album art.

Webstiles Screenshot


Branding, web design & development. Open Source.

Webstiles is an open-source template, made by me, for designers to quickly prototype web designs. It allows for easy and rapid prototyping of a site, by defining colors, typography, UI bits, and more.

The Webstiles template was built using Sympl, another open-source project of mine, and plain CSS and HTML. The template and the site were built to ensure responsiveness, and both work great on many devices.

The source code's available on Github.

The Process

1. Interaction & Questioning.

This is the first stage of working with a client. At this stage, we talk (and I ask lots of questions) about the client's goals, the client's brand, and what the client wants and expects as the product.

I consider this stage the most important since this makes the foundation for the whole project, and thus it's important to focus here. I aim for a friendly and light-hearted discussion. Pricing and timeline is also agreed upon.

2. First Draft.

After the preliminary discussion, an upfront is charged and I make the first draft, with my aim to make the goals and aims of the client, discussed previously, into reality.

Usually, the first draft is one of the important pages of the site (Mostly the homepage), or a Webstile.

3. Feedback & Iteration.

I send over the draft to the client and recieve feedback. These are minor changes and simple pointers mostly. I ask more questions to get the idea of how to rest of the site should pan out, and get to work.

The remaining site is handed in a similar way, with milestones being completed and sent for feedback. A lot of iterations take place before the product is finalized.

4. Wrapping Up.

Remaining balance is paid, and the finished files are delivered. If the client requires, I upload the site and configure it on his server. The contract is terminated.

Get in touch

I check mail frequently, and emailing me is the best option to contact me.

Feel free to write to me at .

I'm available for work, for questions, or just small chat.